NSFAF & WHTC signs agreement

Junior Kapofi
Junior Kapofi

The Namibia Financial Assistance Fund (NSFAF) and Welwitchia Health Training Centre (WHTC) signed a memorandum of understanding this week.

NSFAF CEO Kennedy Kandume stated that through this agreement, the fund will provide WHTC with the names of NSFAF-funded students across all programmes immediately after its award process has been completed. It will then make payments to WHTC for tuition fees for students registered with the institution.

As part of the agreement, WHTC is expected to avail all the required facilities in order for the students to successfully complete their studies by writing examinations and attending lectures, additional programmes, tutoring and other related educational programmes.

The centre is also required to present NSFAF with proof of registration and academic results for each student for each academic year.