Ubuntu Hub launched for African educators

Driving educational transformation through collaborating
Wetumwene Shikage
A collective of professionals with a passion to transform education within Africa have launched the Ubuntu Hub with a focus on empowering educators. This will be done through comprehensive professional development opportunities and a networking platform arranged for further interaction.

The spokespersons for the hub have identified topics of discussion to expand on. While they disseminate information on their focus topics, they assist in achieving the hub's goal - to bridge the gap between innovation and learners by focusing on the role of educators in driving educational transformation by facilitating collaboration, idea exchange and support, creating a sense of unity and collective responsibility among educators.

The role of the hub includes empowering educators with exposure to job opportunities and school improvement strategies. A great focus is rooted in decolonisation and guided by African education research which reflects the Ubuntu philosophy's emphasis on collective responsibility and shared humanity.

Behind the scenes

David Marriott, CEO and founding partner of Ubuntu Education, is dedicated to enhancing schools and maximizing their impact. With over 15 years of experience in education, Marriott began as a class teacher and progressed to leadership positions, successfully leading an international school in Malawi. His approach focuses on capacity building within his team and fostering excellence in and out of the classroom. Marriott emphasizes holistic school improvement, addressing academic, social, and emotional well-being. He empowers teachers through a coaching approach, providing support for their improvement and development.

Eric Mugwiza, also a founding partner of Ubuntu Education, is a technology leader revolutionizing education through digital transformation. As the technology director of an American school in Rwanda, Mugwiza integrates educational technology and provides training to teachers, resulting in engaging and inclusive learning experiences.

Jess King, another partner of Ubuntu Education, believes in collaborative and inclusive education that values input from various stakeholders, including local communities, educators, and students. With a background in African studies and teaching experience in Sub-Saharan Africa, King recognizes the limitations of Western approaches in meeting the needs of students in different contexts.

Together, Marriott, Mugwiza, and King bring their expertise and passion to Ubuntu Education, striving to enhance schools, implement holistic approaches, drive digital transformation, and create inclusive educational experiences.