NTA hosts junior tournament

Rackets, balls and great points
Precious Nghitaunapo
Tennis players from all over the country came together in Windhoek for the Namibian Tennis Association’s (NTA) two-day junior tournament.

Jandri Bezuidenhout, referee and NTA committee member, shared that they received quite a number of entries, with more participants from other parts of the country entering the tournament, which was held at the Central Tennis Club, Sport Klub Windhoek, Namibian Police and Deutscher Turn und Sportverein (DTS) courts.

Bezuidenhout said the competition contributed to the growth of the game regionally and nationally.

“I have seen quite a few entrees from Okahandja with a lot potential.”

Competition-based events like tournaments can inspire players to put in more effort than what the rational decision-making model predicts. Matching better players with better tasks is a crucial role that tournaments play. In addition to the athletes, coaches and physical education instructors also place a high value on the competition.

“Usually from here is where players get selected for the national team,” Bezuidenhout added.

Also taking part at the tournament was a group called the Development Kids, who in terms of financials and facilities are slightly disadvantaged. Thanks to the NTA, they were able to compete.

Amongst many other competitors were national title holders who participated to maintain their titles. A number of players present at the tournament will be travelling to Gaborone towards the end of August to represent Namibia in the J5 Games, which is an international world junior tour.

George Louw (17) is currently ranked the number one tennis player in the under-18 category in Namibia. His journey in tennis started at the age of 10 when he first picked up a racket, and he started competing at 12. He said his tennis career is driven by passion, consistency and determination.

“Overall, I am happy with my performance at the tournament so far. I am up against great competition but I am looking forward to the rest of the tournament,” he said.