Accelerating equal opportunities in mining

Namdeb continues to foster thriving communities
The Oranjemund community remains a vital focal point for Namdeb's sustainability initiatives.
Jemimah Ndebele
Namdeb, a key player in the mining sector and a subsidiary of Namdeb Holdings (PTY) Ltd., is pioneering efforts to accelerate equal opportunities within its operations.

Established in 1994, Namdeb has consistently delivered shared value to shareholders and stakeholders, positioning itself as an exemplary corporate citizen.

In 2023, Namdeb allocated N$763 364 towards initiatives aimed at fostering thriving communities and advancing equal opportunities. Notably, 63% of this budget was dedicated to youth empowerment, with 42% specifically supporting sports participation in the //Karas Region, where Namdeb operates.

“Scholarships valued at approximately N$500 000 were also awarded to Namibian women studying in the postgraduate renewable energy space.

Gloria Paulus (31) holds various qualifications, including a bachelor of technology in power engineering and a master's of sustainable energy systems.

She qualified for the bursary of a PHD in electrical engineering and is pursuing her studies at the University of Stellenbosch, with an envisaged graduation in 2026.

The second scholarship recipient is Selma Nandjembo, 22, who holds a bachelor of science in applied physics and a master's of environmental engineering specialising in energy systems.

She received the bursary for the master's in environmental engineering studies and will be completing it at the Namibia University of Science and Technology, with an envisaged completion date of October this year.

Building a community

Namdeb's dedication extends beyond education. Programmes addressing bullying, harassment, unconscious bias, victimisation and domestic violence underline the company's commitment to creating a safe and inclusive work environment.

In the realm of gender-based violence, Namdeb invested N$105 000 in 2023, underscoring its commitment to awareness, prevention and collaboration within the Oranjemund community. Additionally, a multi-disciplinary framework was established to address GBV, acknowledging its disproportionate impact on women.

The Oranjemund community remains a focal point for Namdeb's sustainability initiatives. Over N$80 million was invested in 2023, with key allocations to healthcare and education. The Namdeb-owned private hospital and Oranjemund private school received approximately N$18 000 and N$30 000, respectively, while assistance to public schools amounted to N$100 000.

In addition to providing a building for a government healthcare centre in previous years, a commitment to build an ablution facility at a cost of N$500 000 was made in 2023, Pauline Thomas, Namdeb’s head of corporate affairs and sustainable impact, said.

On Namdeb’s social-economic activities, Thomas explained: “OMDis is a special purpose vehicle funded by Namdeb and has a key focus of driving socio-economic development with a primary focus of job creation and impact on livelihoods. Focus areas include agriculture, tourism, infrastructure and enterprise development. Namdeb OMDis funding amounted to approximately just over N$ 22 million.”

Furthermore, OMD2030 is a community organisation with a mission to assist stakeholders in transforming Oranjemund from an economy dependent on one industry to an economically diverse and culturally rich town where citizens participate in building their own community and take pride in their collaborative and individual successes.

Namdeb OMD2030 funding amounted to N$1.5 million last year.