Zebra Trailers expands product offering

New laser shop tooled to satisfy customer needs
Zebra Trailers' recently launched laser shop will enable it to offer a new range of services to customers seeking a one-stop solution for their trailer requirements.
Zebra Trailers has proved itself as the home of Namibian trailers and, with the addition of its laser shop, is raising the bar for customers looking to design state-of-the-art, custom-made trailers.

Inaugurated in August, the laser shop enables Zebra Trailers to cut mild steel, stainless steel and aluminium products to razor-edge perfection.

With the ability to cut mild steel as thick as 16 millimetres, customers are given the opportunity to profile any design of their choice.

The laser shop enables them to build custom-made mudguards and create custom logos that can be placed on the trailers.

It has given Zebra Trailers the added competence to now design and build enclosures for generators and allows them to be very specialised, with the end goal being customer satisfaction.

The addition offers a diversified set of new services and products, adding exciting possibilities to Zebra Trailers' existing suite of services.

Customers can rest assured that the company's technicians rely on detailed designs, offering the highest assurance that products will be built to the set specifications required.

Zebra Trailers is located at 4 Zinc Street, Prosperita, in Windhoek.