Education aims for inclusivity

Regional consultations have begun
Tunohole Mungoba
Tunohole Mungoba

The Ohangwena region hosted an educational consultation meeting last week to discuss issues facing the region.

Held at Monte Carlo Guest House in Eenhana, those present included principals, learners and parents.

Ohangwena governor Walde Ndevashiya said the government continues to experience many educational challenges, such as poor teaching and learning outcomes, resulting in high failure and dropout rates, and limited access to the use information and communication technology.

“Ohangwena region is one of the regions greatly affected by some of these challenges, especially the inadequate classrooms. In addition, the Covid-19 pandemic contributed to regressing the education gains made over the past couple of years and has increased inequalities in the provision of education.

Such that learners from urban communities had access to online teaching and learning opportunities while those from far remote rural communities did not have the same opportunities.”

Ndevashiya urged participants fully take part and make meaningful contributions to the conference.

“It is only through information sharing platforms like this that we can move in one direction with a common understanding to improve and better our education system for the Namibian child,” he said.

According to Cavin Muchila of the education ministry, the aim of the regional meeting was to, among others, spotlight initiatives, explore potential conditions and create momentum towards a global movement for education that joins forces to transform education.

“Our action tracks for these meetings include inclusive, equitable, safe and healthy schools, learning skills for life, work and sustainable development, digital learning and transformation and education financing,” he said.

A decade later

Faustina Caley, deputy minister of education said it has been 10 years since the end of the 2011 national conference on education, which aimed to improve and reform the education system.

“The 2011 conference took place under the theme of ‘Collective delivery on the education promise: improving the education system for quality learning outcomes and quality of life.’

“The conference covered the entire education system in a holistic way: from early childhood development, pre-primary, secondary education, vocational education and training; higher education and adult and lifelong learning,” she said.

The next national education conference will be held in August this year and an international summit in June, in Paris, France.