With a new year comes new leadership

The NANSO NUST branch recently held its annual branch conference where they elected the new executive committee.
Junior Kapofi
The National Namibians Students Organisation’s (NANSO) branch at the Namibia University of Science and Technology (NUST) recently held an annual branch conference, which usually takes place every year. The conference is aimed at electing a new executive committee as well as discussing and adopting the branch’s programme of action.

NANSO advocates for educational reforms for Namibian students. It was formed in 1984, six years before Namibia's independence, as a means of providing equal opportunities for Namibian students who were excluded by apartheid rule.

At the conference, each individual who wanted to be a part of the executive committee delivered a manifesto before the voting took place. Within this manifesto, they mentioned what changes they would bring fourth if they are voted into the committee.

“The highlight of this event is that one saw democracy prevail through the election and voting process,” William Minnie, the newly elected chairperson, said.

As per the NANSO constitution, there have to be at least 25 members present who have membership cards in order for the voting to take place; there were more than 25 individuals present at the NUST branch conference to witness the democracy take place.

Furthermore, the newly appointed executive committee convened a meeting after the conference and discussed many issues and how they will be tackling them as the NUST NANSO branch, but they have stated they will not disclose anything as of yet.

“I cannot disclose that information as of yet, but keep an eye out for the NANSO-NUST Branch,” Minnie said.

“The leadership’s agenda remains clear: The sovereigns - the students - remain central.”

The newly elected executive committee is: Chairperson Minnie, vice-chairperson Fillipus Kampulu and secretary Beatha Thomas, while the officers for finance and economics, gender and social welfare and ICT are Humbuhumbu Katjatenja, Rejoice Hanhapo and Elizabeth Kavau respectively. Political and internal affairs will be handled by Dinelago Mutota, while education, training and research officer is Junias Haufiku. The new sports and culture officer is Innocent Mambo, while Naame Williams was voted the additional member.