Youth engage in the excitement of motorsports

Windhoek Motorsport development training.
Precious Nghitaunapo
The Namibian Motorsports Federation (NMSF), in collaboration with the Windhoek Motor Club, launched a new initiative. A training and development programme for the youth in motor sports, the initiative is organised by the Namibian Motorsports Federation (NMSF) in order to create platforms for the youth to join motor sports. In full collaboration with the Namibian Sports Commission, the programme will be officiated by the chairperson of the Windhoek Motor Club, Richard Slamet, under the NMSF co-ordination.

NMSF chairman Bradley Ferreira said the programme is affiliated to the Fédération Internationale de l'Automobile (FIA), “which is the world governing body in motorsports”. It is also the first of its kind and the group they are currently working with will be the first official class of the programme.

Amongst the group was one of the youngest female spinners who comes from a family of spinners, 14-year-old Shantae Beukes, who said she joined the programme to improve her racing skills and drifting. However, as the one of the youngest spinners, she said “I would also like to motivate and inspire younger people like myself that they can also join karting”.

The children as well as their parents showed so much enthusiasm at the event and many of them are excited to start their journey in motor sports and hope to advance to Formula 1 level.

Youssef Hassan and his younger brother Amir Hassan are both hoping to follow in their father’s footsteps, while 14-year-old Youssef aims to grow within motor sports and network and participate on an international level. “It can create opportunities travel to other countries and showcase and improve on your talents,” Youssef said. Correspondingly, Jean. P Gustavo has been a part of motor sport before but had to stop, but has joined the programme to improve on his racing skills and reach greater heights. “My ultimate goal is to leave a legacy for myself and reach Formula 1,” he said.