Mover and shaker

Wetumwene Shikage
Romanus Gustav is the chief financial officer (CFO) and head of vending business at Mobipay Namibia.

A typical day for Gustav begins with planning and meeting with the team that he leads. Each day ends with afternoon meetings.

The challenges he faces frequently are not limited to finance, but also involve managing and mentoring people and running an entire business unit.

This, he said, has broadened his understanding of running a business and, most importantly, provided an understanding of the critical success factors of running a business.

He obtained a Bachelor of Accounting Degree (CA Stream) from the University of Cape Town. He then obtained a post-graduate diploma in accounting, which is a pre-requisite to qualify for the chartered accounting professional exams, at the University of Cape Town.

He completed his professional accounting training (i.e. Articleship) with EY Namibia for three years and successfully passed the professional exams during that time to qualify as a chartered accountant in 2015.

Every step of the way

During his career, he has learned a number of lessons.

“I’ve got to understand and appreciate the importance of teamwork and periodic meetings with my team,” he said.

Among his accomplishments is the successful implementation of sustainable and practical processes within Mobipay, which continue to assist in the growth of the business.

Wishing to develop into a well-rounded business leader, Gustav said he would like to keep people at the centre of business growth and success.

And, while each phase of his professional life has played a significant role, he said the best phase is the current one at Mobipay.

“The working environment allows me to develop into a business leader who analyses any business decision from a viewpoint of how it will impact the business as a whole and not just one business unit. This view has made me to appreciate the role each member will play to the success of the business and that is how sustainable businesses are built,” he said.