Movers & Shakers

A unique and versatile job
Wetumwene Shikage
Her current position demands that she oversee many different elements and departments within Africa IT Hubs.

She manages human resources (HR), administration, stakeholder engagements, among other tasks and duties.

Iyambo loves her job because she can oversee the skill development of staff at various levels.

She holds a Bachelor of Arts honours degree and majored in industrial psychology and drama at the University of Namibia. She is currently pursuing a Master of Business Administration in management strategy at the Namibia Business School.

Before discovering her niche, Iyambo almost pursued a qualification in law.

However, she realised it was not for her. On that day, she decided to pursue her second study choice, psychology.

"I never looked back or regretted my choice," she says.


After completing her degree, she immediately secured permanent employment, in January 2017, at a consulting company specialising in marketing and communications.

While there, she was offered a job by a client to become their in-house marketing manager.

“I immediately moved with starry eyes to the coast for my position at the start-up manufacturing company. I worked hard, and long hours, travelling the country, launching products in retail and wholesale stores through activations and concurrently supervising the corporate social responsibility projects,” she said.

Next, she was headhunted by another manufacturing company, but this time as an executive secretary to the chief executive officer.

“I accepted less pay, because there was room for growth within the organisation,” she said.

Still learning

Iyambo was eager to break into the HR industry and did so successfully – her gamble paid off.

Iyambo says a day at the office begins with devotion and prayer. Thereafter, she tries to get a cup of something warm but always ends up becoming engrossed in research or reading Africa IT Hubs’ strategies.

She attends meetings or touches base with her teammates.

Iyambo says she still has a lot to learn from those around her.

"I have loved every moment of my career thus far – from handing out flyers at traffic lights, driving long hours to do activations in different regions, to every job rejection and every job offer," she said.