Enter the Tiggo

Technology, innovation and driver appreciation
M&Z brings top-class Chery range to Namibian roads.
Augetto Graig
Chery Namibia, a division of M&Z Motors, celebrated the arrival of the luxurious and high-tech Tiggo Pro family of vehicles to Namibia earlier this month.

Following the red carpet introduction, it was only fitting that our own 'passenger princess', Diana Master, should join M&Z sales executive Claudia Starzacher-Dennis to be driven around like a star in a brand-new Tiggo 7 Pro Executive.

Luxurious finishes

Starzacher-Dennis pointed out that a sleek leather interior finish is included even in entry-level models such as the five-seater Tiggo 4 Pro.

This model features the choice between a 1.5-litre turbo or non-turbo engine, as well as a five- or six-speed manual transmission or, alternatively, a seven-speed automatic transmission.

M&Z stocks the Tiggo 4 Pro, Tiggo 7, and the Tiggo 8 Pro Max, a sumptuous seven-seater driven by a two-litre engine capable of kicking out 187 kW of torque.

All dimensions

The Tiggo 7 Pro Executive captures attention with its big eight-inch touch-screen display, and the innovative audio-visual system that gives drivers a 360-degree image of the car.

Three-dimensional or two-dimensional, back, rear-wide, and front-wide views are among the choices of perspective that the system offers to Tiggo drivers, giving them visibility of everything around them without having to take their eyes off the road; see your own vehicle and surrounding vehicles at a glance.

All-around awareness provides the ability to avoid front or rear collisions.

When your Chery notes that drivers in front of or behind you have not engaged their brakes when you use yours, it automatically switches on the hazard lights. A timely warning can save a lot of accidental expenses.


Other top technologies included are stop-start and push-button start features, remote start with the key, and sensors that lock or unlock the doors depending on your proximity. Your Chery even closes windows automatically if you forget to and start walking away.

The complimentary 'My Chery' application is perhaps the very personification of this vehicle’s advancements.

Accessible via buttons on the steering wheel or from the touch-screen display, My Chery allows you to talk to your vehicle, and she will answer.

In true form, 'passenger princess' Master immediately told the Tiggo 7 Pro Executive to switch on the radio and to adjust the air conditioning climate control. Voice commands are definitely her thing.

"It borders on a smart car," Master exclaimed.

Stylish car

Adaptive cruise control and the digital instrument cluster drive the point home. The push-button panoramic sunroof allows the Tiggo 7 Pro to add a stylish breeze to punctuate its non-verbal statements.

Comfortable amenities also include a spacious glove box, two cup holders, bottle holders built into the front doors, and under-armrest storage complete with a USB port to let you charge your phone without leaving it in plain sight. Also, the rear seats fold down for when you need more boot space, and six airbags for safety are standard.

The most sophisticated of the range, the Chery Tiggo 8 Pro, can be yours for N$505 000 or about N$7 500 a month.