Real estate insights from Twahafa Real Estate

Agency offers a variety of listings
Twahafa Real Estate, established in June 2020, specialises in selling homes in the Katutura and Khomasdal areas.
Jemimah Ndebele
In a recent interview on My.Na Properties, Karina Twahafa, a seasoned real estate agent from Twahafa Real Estate, shared valuable tips for first-time home buyers and shed light on the intricacies of the property market. Twahafa emphasised the importance of financial preparedness and understanding the costs associated with property transactions.

According to Twahafa, prospective home buyers should initiate the process by conducting a credit check and obtaining pre-approval from a bank. This, she explained, enables buyers to shop within their budget and navigate the often complex landscape of property acquisition more confidently.

One key aspect discussed in the interview was the distinction between property transactions that are "inclusive of costs" and those "excluding costs." Twahafa clarified that three main costs come into play: bond costs, transfer costs and bank admin costs. When a property is sold inclusive of costs, the seller covers these expenses on behalf of the buyer, incorporating them into the overall price. On the other hand, transactions excluding costs mean that the buyer assumes responsibility for all associated expenses.


Twahafa Real Estate, established in June 2020, specialises in the Katutura and Khomasdal areas, focusing primarily on properties ranging from N$750 000.00 to N$2 million. Twahafa, a sole-mandate specialist, also highlighted the agency's involvement in renting out commercial properties.

For aspiring realtors, Twahafa underscored the importance of consistency and discipline in the real estate industry. Contrary to misconceptions of quick riches, she emphasised the need for a long-term commitment and urged newcomers to invest time in reading and studying the market due to its current saturation.


Addressing those looking to sell their homes, Twahafa advised decluttering as a key step in enhancing the attractiveness of a property. Recognising the emotional ties individuals may have to their belongings, she emphasised the positive impact of presenting a clean and organised space to potential buyers.

Reflecting on her own success, Twahafa said Twahafa Real Estate sold three properties within the first month of operation. The agency currently offers a variety of listings, including houses in Katutura below N$1 million and other properties in sought-after locations such as Freedomland, Okuryangava, and Soweto.

Twahafa Real Estate prides itself on its responsiveness and flexibility, with a strong online presence across various social media platforms, including Facebook, Instagram, and LinkedIn. Twahafa concluded the interview by inviting potential clients to explore their listings and connect with the agency for a personalised real estate experience.Captions: