Dream camp empowers youth

Jemimah Ndebele
The International Youth Fellowship (IYF) dream camp took place recently the University of Namibia (Unam) Khomasdal campus. The workshop was designed to help youth develop the right mindset which will allow them to break free from themselves and overcome their challenges and limitations. The event saw over 100 youth gather in efforts to grow and develop this mindset.

“The three-day workshop has taught me a lot, most notably how the mind is such a potent tool,” Nelago Mpuka, a 22-year-old student at Unam, said.

“Additionally, I developed the ability to communicate with individuals from various backgrounds, including racial, religious and other differences. I learnt how crucial kindness is, and how important it is to maintain the proper attitude even when things are difficult.”

The event targeted individuals of various age demographics and placed emphasis on the importance of one’s mindset through lectures, empowerment talks and various activities that provided a holistic approach to youth development.

Speaking at the event under the theme “changer of mind”, IYF country representative and mind specialist Sangbin Kim emphasised that if people think a little deeper, their thoughts can change from negative to positive.

Kim made use of parables to bring across the crux of the camp, which is the importance of a positive mindset.

Meanwhile, Sidney Hanstein, managing partner and founder of Outsourcing Solutions, delivered an empowerment talk that highlighted that importance of character and talent.

“Character is more essential than talent. Talent isn't everything. To ensure long-term and sustainable success, one should know how to find and build character. We hire for character and train for skills,” he said.

Hanstein went on to conclude that the impact made on others is determined by the character one possesses.

The event’s impact exceeded expectations as individuals other than the registered participants left awash with motivation and inspiration, eager to pour into others.

“The camp was a life-changing experience. The academy classes were so fun and educative. The mind lectures helped me to see things differently and it's time for me to apply them in my life. I can't wait for the next camp to take my boys along,” Yolandie Jarvis, a mother of three who volunteered at the event, said.