Kapping aan

Jamie-Lee Loss
My name is Jamie-Lee Loss and I am a business management student at the Namibia University of Science and Technology (Nust). Growing up, I didn’t really know what I wanted to study - all I knew was that I had an eye for business and being my own boss was the main goal.

As a result, I established my own small business called Bake with J.Loss, which offered baked products including fudge, brownies, cakes and cupcakes in a variety of flavours and textures. My course was more challenging than I had anticipated, yet despite this, I was still able to pass and really understand a lot of the topics. Since I wasn't entirely sure of what I wanted to study in university, I didn't foresee that I would actually enjoy my course, but I am now pleased that I picked it.

I am a part-time student as I work at Namibia Media Holdings as an intern in the youth department, My Zone. My journey at My Zone started on 1 February and also wasn’t what I anticipated it would be. I must say, I have gained so much knowledge from this internship and I would definitely recommend others to apply for this.

My hobbies include making TikTok videos, baking and creating social media content.

As mentioned before, my course is not what I expected so, of course, I experienced challenges, which include numbers. This might sound dumb, but I assumed my course mostly consisted of theory work, but I was wrong. I have never been the best in mathematics or any subject that includes numbers, so I when it comes to my modules like statistics, I fight battles to pass them.

Balancing my career and academics has definitely been difficult for me. I think I am doing well so far, but it does not mean it has become any simpler. In essence, I am just ‘kapping aan’ till the end.

The semester I completed all of my modules was undoubtedly the highlight of my academic career since I had to genuinely work hard, prioritise and find a balance between my work, school and social life. After this year, I genuinely believe I can do anything, and nobody can convince me otherwise.

My advice to my peers is definitely just to go for it, even if it is not part of the plan because sometimes God has a different and better route for you.