A dream that became a true story

Determined Samuel K Jerry Chikambi shares his career journey.
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Starting one’s own business is never an easy thing. It takes a whole lot of discipline because you are required to write your business plan, fund your business, pick your business location, choose a business structure, choose your business name, even register your business, and so much more. It is a process that a lot of self-made business owners can attest to.

Samuel K Jerry Chikambi founded his business, TMU Holding PTY LTD, which offers bookkeeping services, company secretarial services, and consulting services, after he had completed his education. He had obtained a Btech in accounting and finance, a post-graduate diploma in business administration, and an MBA in finance and CTA (theory of accounting).

TMU Holdings also provides microlending services, a pawn shop, and supply and delivery services.

When asked what inspired the birth of TMU Holding, Chikambi explained: "Every time I worked for a company, I learned fast and acquired more wisdom than my superiors, which they never really liked because I could solve problems fast, I think this was also fuelled by the fact that I was always enthusiastic. Subsequently, my dream to create a better life for me and my family and to create employment grew bigger and bigger, and that led me here."

Lessons learned

Being a CEO has been a good journey for Chikambi, who says his experiences have taught him valuable lessons.

"I have resolved many problems relating to corporate governance and industry diversification. My major challenge was industry adaptability, which was a bit intense because I had to learn everything by myself, but I eventually conquered it."

As the company's CEO, Chikambi makes major corporate decisions, manages the overall operations and resources of the company, and acts as the main point of communication between stakeholders and corporate operations.

Chikambi takes pride in the growth his company has made since 2014.

Careers asked him what advice he would give to the youth.

"Always remember that teamwork is good, and never use emotion when doing business; you might put yourself in a position to lose.

"Continue learning. Have a mentor – someone you follow or inspires you."

He added that it’s important to take calculated risks, explaining that running a business and being afraid to take risks won’t take you where you want to be.

Chikambi enjoys a few things outside of work: He listens to Christian broadcasts every day; he loves traveling; he is a gym fanatic; he enjoys going out and loves nice cars; he enjoys reading, dancing and spending time with his family.

He describes himself as an extrovert and a risk-taker.