A knack for business

Jack of all trades
Theresia Lucas
Thomas Nakasole is a Namibian businessman with several business endeavours, which include SADC oil refiner SADCOR Mining and SADCOR Investments.

Nakasole was born in Lubango, Angola, and grew up in Windhoek where he attended Martti Ahtisaari Primary School and Hage Geingob High School. The SADCOR owner said he did not attend university because he believed he was meant to be a businessman.

He currently focuses on mining and the petroleum business.

Established in October 2019, SADCOR Investments and SADCOR Mining focus on the supply of fuel in bulk, logistics and transport of fuel - not only in Namibia, but in several neighbouring countries as well.

The future

Nakasole plans to build a power plant and refinery in Namibia, which he said will be done by 2024.

He added that he wants to dive into agriculture and farming as he believes Namibia and Africa as a whole have a great deal of potential.

Passionate about food security, he said: "Most of our food is imported. We hardly have local farms that supply food”.

It is time Namibians become self-sufficient and produce their own food, he said, adding that “all one needs to be educated”.


One of the challenges the SADCOR owner faces is that he often struggles to make sufficient time for his family and friends, but said what keeps him motivated is that he is working hard to ensure a future for his kids and generations to come.

Nakasole advised aspiring business owners to be careful, especially in the oil and mining business, because there are a great number of scammers.

"If you do not do proper diligence and remain cautious, you will lose a lot of money."

He added that these scammers come in the form of suppliers and potential investors.

A few of the businessman's previous businesses include Scooters Pizza, several clubs and lounges like LQ Lounge and Funky Lab and a few construction companies.

The entrepreneur added that it is important for people to learn how to take calculated risks, especially in business, and read and study as much as possible to gain knowledge, and, in his own words, "avoid unnecessary problems".


Nakasole is self-motivated and believes that his current position is what pushes him to work his hardest. He believes that the company he keeps plays a vital role in making him the successful businessman he is, and highlighted that one should avoid being the smartest person in the room as it may stunt your growth.

The SADCOR owner aspires to one day convert to Islam, and said he would love his kids to do so too.

“I believe Islam is one of the most disciplined religions out there and they have not changed their ways and are deeply rooted in their culture. I want that for myself and my kids," he said.

He added that he wants to take up archery as it requires one to focus and be precise. Practicing martial arts is also on the businessman's to-do list, as well as one day being able to live on an island.

Interesting facts:

I eat everything

I am a good driver

I’m overprotective

I am good, but not nice.