Driven by curiosity

Spearheading innovative solutions
David Majiedt is a Gen Z digital strategist based in Windhoek with a passion for bridging the gap between youth culture and brands.
Phillipus Josef
David Majiedt's journey into the digital sector was a natural progression, given his lifelong affinity for computers. Outside his professional life, he finds solace in his passions for football, mixed martial arts and spending quality time with his family.

Majiedt’s employment journey with MTC began in August 2022, starting as a call centre agent before swiftly climbing the corporate ladder through two promotions. He currently holds the position of services data executive within the digital transformation and innovation department. His role involves spearheading innovative solutions to drive a more inclusive Namibian digital economy.

A typical workday for Majiedt is a dynamic blend of digital project management and product development. He starts with prioritising digital transformation initiatives, engaging in cross-functional collaboration and staying updated on the latest digital trends through continuous learning. His unique approach to his work is fuelled by his insatiable curiosity and his deep understanding of Gen Z preferences, which contribute significantly to his success.

“I stay curious. My curiosity drives me to constantly question how and why we can use new technologies to enhance our operations and which products will add value to our customers. It's about not just accepting the status quo, but actively seeking ways to improve and innovate. Being part of Gen Z plays a crucial role in my approach to product development and digital strategy,” he said.


In the digital industry, common challenges include the pace of technological adoption and the limitations posed by smaller market sizes. However, Majiedt sees these challenges as opportunities for creative problem-solving and iterative improvement, evident in MTC's strides towards a digitally integrated future.

For aspiring professionals entering the field, Majiedt emphasised finding one's 'why', staying curious and embracing creativity beyond traditional roles. He encouraged continual learning, active engagement with the world and the pursuit of mentorship to navigate the industry successfully.

"Find your 'why'. That will be your jet fuel forever. Don't box yourself in. Creativity exists beyond the traditional roles," Majiedt said.

He credits his mentor, Bradley Wilson, and other industry pillars like Nawa Likando, Elton Katangolo, Melvin Angula, Biko Adams and Nadine Boois for their invaluable guidance and support.