Embarking on a journey to excellence in civil engineering

Achievements extend beyond academics
Eliakim Enos embarked on his journey with Pregon Consulting Engineers in February 2023.
Phillipus Josef
Hailing from Walvis Bay, 26-year-old Eliakim Enos graduated from the Namibia University of Science and Technology (NUST). He is a multitalented individual with a bachelor's degree in civil engineering, a national diploma in civil engineering and project management and a bachelor of business management degree, specialising in management consultancy and strategic management.

But his achievements extend far beyond his academics. He has served as the vice-president of NUST's Student Representative Council (SRC), the chairperson of its hostel committee and the former vice-chairperson of its Namibia National Students Organisation branch. In those roles, he has proven himself to be a dynamic leader with a passion for serving his community and fellow students.

Enos embarked on his journey with Pregon Consulting Engineers in February 2023 when he officially joined as an incorporated civil engineer in training. However, his connection with the company dates back to 2019 when he interned with them, gaining valuable experience and insights into the company's operations and culture.

Eager to learn

Enos' job involves a diverse range of tasks related to civil engineering projects. This includes conducting site visits, preparing road design plans and reports, collaborating with team members, and communicating with clients and stakeholders.

In addition, he actively participates in training sessions and professional development activities to enhance his skills and knowledge.

He highlighted his dedication to thoroughness and attention to detail, adding that he believes in exceeding expectations to ensure that every aspect of a project is meticulously planned and executed. He aims to become a registered incorporated civil engineer in the next five years.

"I believe in going above and beyond. This commitment to excellence has contributed to my success by earning the trust and respect of my colleagues and clients, as well as delivering high-quality results that meet or exceed expectations. In five years, I plan to be registered as an incorporated civil engineer, which I believe will do a lot for my career moving forward," Enos said.

Despite his triumphs, Enos has struggled to balance his job, professional development and personal commitments. Managing various projects and deadlines necessitates solid time management and prioritisation skills, which he is constantly working to improve. Furthermore, adjusting to new technologies in his line of work has its own set of problems, but he welcomes these possibilities for growth.