Good food comes to those who bake it

Jelly's Kitchen founders growing their business
Despite juggling full-time studies and a business, co-founders Jenneth Iipinge and Elvis Sinvula are committed to growing Jelly's Kitchen. 
Rita Kakelo
Jelly's Kitchen is a catering and baking business that specialises in providing treats for special events such as birthdays, baby showers, and bridal showers, as well as daily lunchpacks.

The company was founded by a passionate cooking and baking duo, Jenneth Iipinge and Elvis Sinvula.

Iipinge and Sinvula decided to embark on the journey of turning their passion into a business after discovering how profitable the food industry can be.

Jelly's Kitchen was founded in January 2020 and has garnered a strong following on Instagram and Facebook since then.

"Elvis and I both enjoy cooking and trying out new recipes, and one day we had the bright idea of starting a business," said Iipinge.

Growing stronger

They aim to take their business to new heights, not only through the high quality of their products but also by pursuing various marketing tools.

Even when things are difficult, they don't give up. For example, they saw an advertisement for a local food festival and hoped to go, but word on the street was that getting in was nearly impossible unless you knew an insider. Despite this, they applied and received an enthusiastic response; Jelly's Kitchen has since made small but significant strides.

Sinvula highlighted the significance of social media and business marketing.

"If you're not trying to incorporate social networking sites into your digital marketing strategy, you're passing up a quick, cheap, and effective way to reach nearly half of the world's population."

They use WhatsApp, Instagram and Facebook to promote their business.

Satisfied clients

They also support other local businesses that run advertisements, such as CherolK's Thursday ads.

Because they work and go to school full-time, the business owners face a variety of challenges, including balancing personal and professional lives. Another challenge is that currently the company is too small to hire anyone else; however, they are considering hiring a driver to help with deliveries.

They said they do not let challenges prevent them from delivering goods to their customers and keeping them satisfied.