Julie juggles her job joyously

Wetumwene Shikage
Julie Hauwanga, a junior account manager at Core Public Relations and TinCup Digital Marketing Agency, has a diverse job that allows her to utilise her skills in both communication and public relations (PR) at Core and marketing at TinCup. The two companies work together under the name TinCore.

At Core, Hauwanga is responsible for drafting press releases, articles, and other media communications to promote clients. She also attends client meetings and prepares reports for senior management. In addition, she is involved in developing stakeholder engagement strategies.

At TinCup, she deals with marketing and comes up with branding details and content for posters for clients, along with administrative work. She updates and maintains website content and social media advertising and handles digital developments, which provide a unique opportunity to accelerate economic growth.

Hauwanga matriculated from J.G. Van Der Wath Secondary School in Okahandja and obtained an honours degree in public management from the University of Namibia and a postgraduate diploma in project management from Regent Business School.

A unique job

Getting to see two different sides of her industry simultaneously makes her work unique and more enjoyable. Hauwanga said with this job, she is able to exercise creative writing and thinking every day.

"I get to see the results of my work instantly, for example, when one of my articles gets published in the newspapers; that makes me so happy, and that is the uniqueness of this job," she said.

Some of the benefits of her job include acquiring research skills.

"A great deal of my work involves conducting research. I need to know as much as I can about our clients and the kind of work they require from us, thus helping me improve service delivery effectively and efficiently," she said.

"I do a lot of article and press release writing and, more recently, organising workshops, which require my creativity. For a PR and marketing company, creative thinking is crucial. I believe that these are two very important skills one can learn from this type of work," she said.

Joyous learning

Hauwanga would like to continue growing and learning at the company, to take on additional responsibilities, and to contribute as much value as possible to the team.

She also plans on completing her master’s in communications next year to advance her knowledge in PR. The young professional sees herself taking up courses in marketing and remains fascinated by the number of new things she learns with the company each day.