Katjimune: Charting a strategic financial course

From auditor to senior finance manager
With perseverance and commitment, Katjimune realised his dream of becoming a successful chartered accountant.
Mariud Ngula
Charles Katjimune serves as the senior finance manager for the retail segment of FNB Namibia. He assumed the role in August last year, bringing with him extensive experience accumulated over 13 years in the finance industry. He is currently pursuing his MBA at Stellenbosch Business School.

Katjimune made his career debut as an auditor at Deloitte Namibia in 2011. He climbed the corporate ladder to audit manager in 2014. The same year, he qualified as a charted accountant, after finishing his articles at Deloitte the previous year. “I joined Deloitte after completing my accounting post-graduate diploma at the University of Kwa-Zulu Natal, following my bachelor of commerce (accounting) degree from Rhodes University in 2008,” he said.

Corporate sector

After five good years with Deloitte, Katjimune transitioned to Standard Bank Namibia in 2016. Here, he assumed a managerial role of financial controls and the compliance sector in the finance department. “In this role, I spent over five years overseeing internal financial controls, financial reporting and regulatory compliance.”

In November 2021, he joined Letshego Bank Namibia as a finance manager – a role he held until August 2023 when he took up his current position as FNB Namibia’s senior finance manager, leading the finance strategy for the retail division.

What motivated Katjimune over the years is embracing the premise 'anything is possible if you put your mind to it'. This, he said, has been his guiding principle throughout his career. “From a young age, my ambition has always been to become a successful chartered accountant. I have, of course, encountered setbacks along the way. The trick is to persevere and remain committed to realising your dream.”

Why FNB Namibia?

Katjimune’s move was motivated by the prospect of continuous learning and growth. Reputable as one of Namibia’s leading financial services organisations, he is confident the knowledge he gains at FNB will significantly contribute to his career aspirations, aligning seamlessly with his pursuit of excellence. “The vast learning opportunities that could emerge motivated me to take on the challenge,” he said.

According to him, he has had an excellent experience since joining the team. FNB's remarkable culture of teamwork was one of the traits that immediately stood out to him. This, he said, played a crucial role in ensuring he found his footing with ease.

Advice and gratitude

Katjimune encouraged young professionals to pursue opportunities in the dynamic financial services industry. He emphasised the industry's evolution, welcoming diverse skill sets and backgrounds to contribute to its growth. “Organisations are no longer limited to traditional ways of opting for accounting or human resources. Engineers and data analysts are now sought-after and are equally valued in this sector. Aspirants should not wait longer to join finance – the industry needs you!”

As he envisions his future with FNB Namibia, he said he is honoured and excited to be part of their dynamic team and to contribute his skills and expertise to their shared goals. “I want to convey my dedication and commitment to FNB Namibia’s success. I’m confident that, together, we can overcome any challenges that arise and achieve even greater success.”