Lead from a place of personal conviction

'I speak fluent love, hope, healing and purpose'
Mojackie holds several qualifications and is currently pursuing an MBA at Mancosa.
Theresia Lucas
Charlotte Mojackie is 37 years old and was born and bred in Windhoek, Namibia.

Philanthropic by heart, she is the founder and executive director of the Random Acts of Kindness Foundation, better known as RAKS Namibia.

An entrepreneur who serves as the managing director of a Namibian private company, Rooted and Grounded Training Development Institute, she said: "More importantly, other than the titles used to describe me, I speak fluent love, hope, healing and purpose".


Mojackie holds an honours degree in BBA (HR), a BTech in FIS and is pursuing an MBA at Mancosa. She also holds a diploma in ministry and leadership from the Ministry and Leadership Institute in Crenshaw Christian Centre.

When asked what drives her, she said: "My driving force is the blazing passion within me to see hearts transformed, minds inspired and lives changed."

The activist also aims to help people experience a great life, highlighting that she believes people are never too far gone and insists that it is important to not focus too much on material wealth as what one needs is already within.


Mojackie got the vision of starting RAKS as early as 2017. However, she did not immediately act on it. It was only in mid-2022 that she started actively working on the initiative.

The Covid-19 pandemic served as a huge push for her. She did not like seeing people hardened and wanted to aid in bringing an end to some of the suffering, she said.

"It seemed like a 'head in the clouds' ideology for some, but I have this conviction that this will be a much-needed revolution which will bring about the lasting and sustained change we seek," she said.

She further said it is important to take care of one another as a nation. She believes that the overall well-being of a nation starts with the holistic well-being of its individuals.

The future

The philanthropist aims to take the RAKS foundation regionally as well as globally.

"I would like a state-of-the-art training and development centre which is headquartered in Namibia, producing healthy leaders of note."

The credible and commendable milestones achieved since the foundation's inception in February 2022 include being a registered Namibian organisation. She said this is an indication of the passion and commitment of the organisation, which has captured the interest and attention of various individuals and institutions - both private and governmental.

Mojackie is proud of all that she has achieved and aims to do what she is currently doing, but better.

Furthermore, she said empowerment of the youth is the baseline of her organisation, and is working on tackling youth unemployment.

To aspiring leaders

The 37-year-old advised young leaders to lead with purpose. She believes this can be done through self-leadership.

"As a leader, you need to lead yourself first. Know and understand yourself as this will allow you to lead from a place of personal conviction and intentionality," she said.