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Serving with Skyline Property Group
Theresia Lucas
Paulus Mwetunyenena is the owner of Skyline Property Group and currently works at the ministry of environment and tourism. He has a bachelor’s degree in health information system management and is pursuing a national diploma in real estate management.

Mwetunyenena believes he is a fast-learning, hard-working and enthusiastic individual. He believes that resilience is important and makes a great contribution to his character and life. He added that he does not think too much of his failures and shortcomings as he believes that that is how is able to learn and become the best version of himself.

He further advised that one has to deal with challenges correctly.


The Skyline Property Group owner has always had an interest in housing and real estate and added that part of the reason he started his business is because he believes in making people's lives better.

“I always had a passion to sell people their dream houses and to improve their lives in different ways,” Mwetunyenena said.

He believes that giving joy to people is important as it will add to your life. He also noted that intentionality is a big part of being successful and thriving, be it in one's personal life or professional life.

He highlighted that it is vital to stay away from people who try to disparage your ambitions.

“Small minds will always do that, but great minds will give you a feeling that you can become great too,” he said.

Complete bouquet

Founded in 2023, Skyline Property Group is based in Windhoek. The company aims to provide the most complete bouquet of residential and commercial property services throughout Namibia.

It has proven expertise in all aspects of residential, commercial, industrial and retail property management, ensuring efficient management of property for optimum return.

“The focus is to provide service to clients who require assistance with property services. Skyline is here to serve you,” Mwetunyenena said. He added that Skyline has the experience, tools, processes and relationships to help investment property owners achieve their financial goals by implementing a personalised, consultative transaction.

The company provides critical direction to clients’ commercial, industrial and retail investment decisions and ensures best-practice standards at all times.

“We also provide training preparation classes to those who want to be real estate agents, preparing them for their exam three times,” Mwetunyenena said.

In his own words

* I can speak six local languages and want to learn French.

* I am the eldest child in my family.

* I started teaching my classmates math and physical science while I was in grade 9. When they did not understand, I would give them extra classes after school.

*My first thought when I wake up in the morning is usually thanking God, since I gave my life to Christ.


The Skyline owner encourages his fellow youth to be unafraid and courageous and to try new things, take risks and put themselves out there for opportunities. He added that if things don't work out, they should not stay down. “Ask yourself what lessons you can learn from it, and move ahead. I call it failing forward,” he said.