Shiwomeho Kalla appointed as executive assistant to FNB Commercial CEO

Working to support FNB's excellence
Kalla is excited about her new job, particularly because of FNB's culture, which stands out for valuing diversity and authenticity, supporting dreams and empowering its employees. 
Patricia Coetzee
Shiwomeho Kalla was appointed as the executive assistant to the CEO at FNB Commercial Namibia in April this year. She describes herself as an executive support specialist with top-notch organisational skills and a solid background in the management function.

Kalla currently possesses a bachelor’s degree in office management from the Namibia University of Science and Technology (NUST), a professional certificate in management and marketing from Hochschule für Technik und Wirtschaft des Saarlendes (HTW-Saar) in Germany, and is currently pursuing an honours degree in business management from NUST.

According to the executive support specialist, she was attracted to the position because of FNB's culture, which stood out as it values diversity and authenticity, supports dreams and empowers its talent to shape their futures.

“I applied for this position because of the promise of a rewarding work experience that will enable me to thrive in my professional career,” said Kalla.

Furthermore, she said the appointment of Sepo Haihambo and Nangula Kauluma as the CEO of FNB Commercial and FNB Retail, respectively, also inspired her to apply for the position.

Striving for company excellence

Kalla’s position as executive assistant to the CEO carries many responsibilities, such as overseeing all day-to-day operational and administrative tasks in the office of the CEO and ensuring that there is seamless communication between the CEO’s office and the rest of the business.

When asked what her career goal within her current position is, she said that she hopes to use her passion to help drive company excellence.

“Within this position, I hope to use my passion for service to inspire organisational excellence within my team,” Kalla explained.

She added that in her professional career, she lives by the following motto: "Approach everything you do with tireless diligence and a spirit of excellence in mind. In doing so, the best people will always seek you out, and the right opportunities will always find you."

Kalla said the only advice she can give aspiring young people is to grasp the importance of perseverance, self-belief and dreaming big.

“By embracing challenges, believing in themselves and staying persistent, they can overcome obstacles and achieve their career goals,” she said.