Threaded leadership: The business of embroidery

Customised embroidery services
Hansen and Hansen offers customised embroidery services, creating logos, designs and lettering on various materials, using top-notch machines and thread to produce the absolute best products.
Nankali Kamwanga
In 2018, Delano Hansen emerged as a new entrepreneur in the embroidery and printing industry with the inception of Hansen and Hansen, a embroidery business. His journey from working in IT at First National Bank (FNB) to being an entrepreneur then eventually a CEO has been marked by his keenness, dedication and focus.

“It’s hard being the owner of a company. I have a family and I have so many responsibilities, and it can be hard sometimes to balance my private life and my business life,” he said.

“Not receiving a formal qualification from a university made me enter the working force at the age of 18," he said, adding that he worked for FNB for a decade and found that he had grown complacent. "It became a problem as I like to try new things and just be aware of different creative processes and ideas," he said.

His interest was piqued when he saw video clips of how embroidery is done on caps and t-shirts. Hansen's entrepreneurial brain started to tick and he began with research to find out about printing and embroidery on different types of materials. “Embroidery interested me as I always wanted to design my own brand one day,” he said.

His passion grew for the craftsmanship and he started to produce his first cap and t-shirt designs named Lokasikeps. He grew in his experience and started to add on more and more projects, this time accepting designs from clients. Later on, he invested in more embroidery machines as well as vinyl printing machinery to handle the amount of customs that were coming in. His company now specialises in offering comprehensive solutions for businesses' branding and promotional needs.

Hansen and Hansen offers customised embroidery services, creating logos, designs and lettering on various materials like shirts, jackets, hats and bags, using top-notch machines and thread to produce the absolute best products. For corporate wear, the company also provides a range of professional attire options, from ready-to-wear to custom-made lounge shirts, pants, skirts and personalised items.

Hansen said he still draws inspiration from workshops as well as the the 'University of YouTube', but added that he has since created his own process and standard of quality.

Quality and attention to detail

When Hansen took the plunge and established his business in 2018, he stated with a small team of people who shared his vision. He started to hire people who were willing to learn and trained them on site. “Being a first-born son, I felt I had a responsibility to take on that role and prove to my family I can do it,” he said.

Under his leadership, Hansen and Hansen quickly gained recognition for its quality and attention to detail. His strategic investments in cutting-edge embroidery and printing equipment set the stage for the company's expansion. By focusing on delivering products and fostering a culture of innovation, he positioned Hansen and Hansen as a prominent player in the creative industry within a few short years.

One of his principles is commitment to craftsmanship. Every product must reflect three elements: Quality, precision and artistry. This earned the trust of clientele, but also provided a good name for himself, he said.

Beyond business success, Hansen places great importance on community engagement and ethical business practices.

He believes in giving back to the community that has supported his journey and actively participates in charitable initiatives, like creating merchandise for church leadership and for small businesses.

Looking ahead, Hansen remains focused on innovation and opportunities for his business to grow. He highlighted that he often attends workshops or asks industry experts to help him further his knowledge.

“I will always try to learn and be open towards it, because at the end of the day, I’m still growing,” Hansen said. He envisions leveraging emerging technologies to enhance product offerings and expand into new markets while staying true to the company's founding principles of quality, creativity and customer satisfaction. As the driving force behind his embroidery and printing enterprise, Hansen continues to grow as a young CEO.