Through the camera’s lens

Magically artistic eye
Andrew Ingo has 10 years of experience in the photography business.
Mariud Ngula
Andrew Ingo, founder of Ingo Legit Photography, is a professional photographer wielding 10 years of experience.

“I am an open-minded individual who is very passionate about his work. In 2012, the manager of a company I worked for introduced me to photography. He had a knack for photography and used it as his side hustle. He would call me on days he did not have any shoots and teach me how to work the camera.

"He showed me the kind of photos he wanted and what to look out for to get that 'good shot',” he said.

“To his surprise, my deftness with the camera ensured I always nailed the photoshoots he sent me to."

Getting the pedestal

Ingo said his manager saw potential in him and decided to raise the bar, teaching him how to edit photos and covering bookings he could not make. Before he knew it, Ingo was the talk of the town.

He said Ongwediva, the small town he grew up in, put him on a pedestal. They saw how his magical eye took such artistic great-quality pictures. To him, it was a quick cash scheme, contrary to waiting for a salary at the end of the month.

“The fame had me contemplating whether I should pursue a photography career. As months wore on, I got to meet potential businesspeople and mentors who motivated me to take photography seriously. I took their advice and built fruitful relationships with many companies and people.

"Today, I am considered one of Namibia's best photographers. This alone is sufficient in fuelling my self-driven engine to thrive and be the best I can be as I level up.”

The secret sauce

Ingo said coaching other individuals and seeing the youth accomplish their dreams has greatly motivated him and boosted his confidence. He conducts one-on-one coaching sessions as they uniquely benefit the individual in question. They also improve work performance and build effective communication skills.

At photo shoots, he first builds a good rapport with his clients when they book and establishes good communication.

“Acquainting myself with them calms their nerves, making the shoot smooth and comfortable. Your strongest thoughts are what makes your reality, and your perception of life is what makes your way of living life. We are thus in control of which thoughts go or stay, consequently creating our realities. I thus control perception to my liking and my reality becomes that!”


As he tells the world’s stories through the lens, recognition and growth are everything to him. “Greatness is a sculpture I chip at daily. Not everyone gets or has adeptness at the camera like I do. I have the power to change the world and possessing this gift completes my days," he said.

"Clients with unfamiliar themes and foreign concepts drive my interest nuts; that’s how people rate my work. In addition to bearing confidence, they equip me with skills and new knowledge. I have had great mentors along the way who played a huge role in my success. With photography being the mere onset of my legacy, I plan on expanding and branching out. I still look up to people who are winning and harness their strategies to hone my craft.”

Fun facts:

1. Fearlessly striving for greatness

2. Self-motivated

3. Energetic

4. Loving and kind

5. Goofy but serious, if need be