Twafiilwa Oshisho Foundation pays it forward

One act of kindness after another
The non-profit organisation Twafiilwa Oshisho Foundation aims to provide support to low-income communities, especially children, to encourage them to remain in school and explore bright futures.
Mariud Ngula
Lucia Kim Hamunghete founded the non-profit organisation, Twafiilwa Oshisho Foundation, to support children in low-income communities.

Twafiilwa Oshisho translates to "we have been left with a responsibility" in Oshiwambo.

Together with her co-founder, Taimi Nghishongwa, the organisation focuses on the social well-being of less fortunate communities, with a specific focus on children who lack access to essential basics.

"We support children with the little that we can and encourage them to stay in school and explore bright futures," Hamunghete explained.

"We are merely doing the Lord’s work."


Hamunghete said the organisation was launched three years ago and continues to depend on the goodwill of individual sponsors to carry out its work.

She said although they have approached large companies and prominent individuals on multiple occasions, these efforts have not yet paid off as these entities seem more interested in supporting well-known charity organisations.

Among its projects, Twafiilwa has carried out a #keepingagirlinschool tour at high schools in Katutura, during which they distributed sanitary products, and empowered girls through their "sisterhood" conversations.

Over the years, they have also run soup kitchens in the Havana community and donated clothing and blankets during the winter season.

Each Valentine’s Day, they visit learners at Dr. Frans Oupa Indongo Primary School, to distribute new school uniforms, shoes and stationery.

"In addition to school learners, we also help individuals on a personal basis," she said.

How it came into being

Hamunghete is a professional actress and filmmaker who studied in Cape Town, South Africa.

She recently graduated from the MultiChoice Talent Factory and the New York Film Academy.

She said during her studies in Cape Town, she received acts of kindness from strangers, people who were not associated with her, when things were not going well for her.

These acts of kindness inspired her to launch the foundation in 2019 as a display of her eternal gratitude.

"I prayed and told God that I will dedicate my life to helping the less fortunate when I go back home," she said.

Hamunghete and co-founder Nghishongwa are currently working on another #keepingagirlinschool tour, which they hope will be bigger than the last one.

"With the Twafiilwa Oshisho Foundation, I’ve learned that one doesn’t need to be well off to start helping others; sometimes the act of just showing up is more than enough. I would like to encourage everyone to help wherever they can and be kind to others."