Unlocking potential

Passionate about teaching
Mecky Heitha dedicates her time as a mentor to helping young professionals better manage life's problems and establish strong foundations for their future.
Rita Kakelo
Mecky Heitha is a mentor affiliated with the KC Compliance Mentorship Programme, which was created to give young and aspiring compliance officers across Africa the opportunity to interact with and benefit from the expertise of seasoned compliance specialists.

Mentorships can take place face-to-face or online, depending on the arrangement between the mentee and the mentor.

Pleasure in teaching

Heitha is a senior manager of risk, compliance, and environmental, social, and governance (ESG) at the Motor Vehicle Accident (MVA) Fund, but she also has a strong enthusiasm for teaching outside of her professional sphere.

"Because I take pleasure in teaching, I worked as a part-time lecturer at the Institute of Bankers (now the Academy of Banking Namibia) for several years. In addition, I have mentored research students at both NUST and Unam's Namibia Business School," she said.

This passion has led her to dedicate her time as a mentor, where she shares knowledge and lessons learnt from her previous experiences with young professionals to help them better manage life's problems and establish strong foundations for their future.

"My students would come to me for assistance and direction on how to deal with various problems in order to further their professions or better navigate their way to the next level."

Heitha says she initially thought it peculiar that students felt comfortable asking for her help and trusted her counsel. But, with time, she warmed to the concept, and the rest is history.

"One of my long-term ambitions is to build a full-fledged mentorship scheme in Namibia so that I can take on and assist more graduates and aspiring professionals.”

Overcoming challenges

Heitha emphasises the visible hardships her mentees encounter on a daily basis, particularly when they lose focus on their goals. "And that's where I come in. The mentor's job is to motivate the mentee, cheer them on, and hold them accountable to stay the course. It is not always easy."

Heitha encourages people to participate in this initiative since it helps mentees learn the skills they need to pursue their career goals with vigour.

Kudzai Chaka is a South African national who runs the KC Compliance Mentorship Programme. At the conclusion of each year, she calls for applications (through LinkedIn) for mentee intake for the following year, and she allocates the successful applicants to us mentors who are registered with the programme. Visit the KC website at www.learning.kccompliance.co.za.