A Namibian solution to your health problems

Lee’s Products is a Namibian product, for Namibian people, by Namibian people, which looks to improve the quality of life of the ordinary Namibian.
Rovaldo Kavanga
Rivaldo Kavanga

Lee’s Products was established in 2014 by Allan Basson with the sole aim of providing natural medicine to the Namibian populace. These products help improve the quality of life of the ordinary person as it consists of natural components.

“The natural products work effectively because we make it from soils and natural products, hence the products are 100% safe,” Basson states.

The products target both men and women. “We have solutions for women who are faced with abdominal pains and for men who suffer from prostate cancer,” Basson says.

Lee’s offers the following products: Lee’s peri-peri oil, Lee’s carrot oil and Lee’s powder. The peri-peri oil helps with muscle pain, headaches, sinusitis and knee pain, while Lee’s carrot oil aids in skin in lightening, skin rashes and hair growth, and the powder provides relief for men who have prostate cancer, urine dysfunction problems and acts as a pain reliever for women who experience abdominal pain.

Basson claims that a number of his customers had positive feedback on the efficiency and effectiveness of his products.

Basson further encourages locals to make use of his products as they are affordable products made for Namibians, by Namibians, are easy to use and safe and effective. Basson adds that as an entrepreneur in Namibia you have to remain focused, disciplined, invest, safe and differentiate between wants and needs.