An excellent aid at GIPF

She has been part of the GIPF family since 2003.
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Wetumwene Shikage

PULL QUOTE: “I know our departmental core objectives thoroughly and assist everyone else within our department to achieve their goals.”

As an executive admin assistant, Moresia van Wyk assists the general manager of marketing and stakeholder engagement at the Government Institutions Pension Fund (GIPF) with his tasks and daily duties and the rest of the team with whatever they need to have a smooth work flow. She said it is a privilege to have worked with great coworkers.

“I am very lucky and privileged to work with people who gave me lots of chances and opportunities to grow by allowing me to travel a lot. I attend training, workshops and seminars to better myself as a person and to be the best employee that I can be. From 2003, I grew a lot in my work responsibilities,” she said.


Van Wyk was born in Windhoek in the Katutura suburb. Her family moved to Khomasdal and she attended Gammams Primary School, Ella Du Plessis High School and Dawid Bezuidenhoudt High School and then studied further at the Namibia University of Science and Technology (NUST).

Her first job was at Namibia Electroplating Works for six months, followed by the Nigerian High Commission for four years. She then moved to the Namibia Agronomic Board for eight years.

Van Wyk shares her daily duties as a full diary which keep her busy throughout the day.

“I first check the diary of our general manager for any meetings or assistance. I still work with a manual diary to write down my to-do list. I start with the tasks that I transferred from the previous day before I attend to the new jobs of the day.

“Most of the time my day starts with other duties and I do not even look at my to-do list. My day-to-day work depends sometimes on the need of my colleagues,” she said.

The years at GIPF have given her time to adopt to the norms and cultures of the company where the departmental culture is family and excellence. She adopted to the daily execution of efficient work while being empathetic to colleagues and the fund’s members.

One great accomplishment Van Wyk shares is that she is the mother and heart of the department she now works in.


Over the years, Van Wyk has learnt some lessons which allow her daily progression and growth in her career. She said one of the greatest lessons learnt is that time is not on our side and added that respect towards others, no matter their qualification or background, is essential.

“If you are in a senior position, make a difference in people’s lives. You are placed in that position for a reason ,which is to make a difference. The earth is round and if you don’t do that when you have the chance, future generations will have to pay the price of your actions,” she said.