An ode to France

Kenaa Hindjou
Two of our learners Eliane and Jeandrew were accompanied by Sagunji and they were elected to reperesent our school at the International Earth Science Olympia held at Côte d'Azur in France. The most fascinating thing is that Academia was the only school from Africa represented at the Olympiad. This meant that Academia put our country’s name on the map and raised the stakes and as well as the bar for Africa.
We are really grateful for the opportunity to share with the country how impactful the trip to France was and we would like to take this time as the Academia community to thank Sagunji for making it possible for the two learners who travelled to France to have a nice stay there. Not only did our learners go to the Olympiad but they also travelled around France and familiarised themselves with some historic places there. Jeandrew was really overwhelmed by the trip and says it was astonishing and amazing because he got to experience how first world countries are and how people from different parts of the world interact with one another. His most cherish able memory from the trip was when he visited the Alps Mountains.
While they were at the festival Eliane and Jeandrow met and interacted with many people from across the world. For Eliane the Brazilian council was part of the amazing people she met at the Olympiad as she says she made special connections with them. They both enjoyed some of the best culinary food from France such as croissants and Tortellinis.