Believe you can and you are halfway there

Ndinelao Hailulu
Augustineum Secondary School learners had a blessed week which was filled with change, positive attitudes and good vibes. On 17 - 21 July the school
hall was packed with energetic and enthusiastic learners who were eager to learn, listen and grow in knowledge. There were motivational speeches
that were spread by well-educated motivational speakers, well-organized church groups and even the principal himself had a word or two to say to his learners.

Sam Shivute is one of the most famous motivational and public speaker, the CEO and founder of Sam Shivute Inspiration, a company specializing in motivational speakers, executive coaching and leadership. His the Director of Banking Services at Bank of Namibia, Commissioner of inland Revenue Department and Chairperson of the university of Namibia’s council. The grade 10 and 12’s had a privilege to hear wise words from him .He shared his story of how he came from humble beginnings as an assistant taxi driver to a multitalented man.

He talked about all the struggles he went through and all the goals he managed to achieve. “Sam Shivute is just the best! He speaks wise words and he taught me so much. I learned how to choose what makes me happy, no one needs to live a double life and don’t be shy of where you come from because your current situation is not your final destination and one more thing is that your richness is not yours it’s your parents hard work so study hard to achieve all your objectives,” said Tangy Ilifilwa one of the pupils who was inspired by Sam Shivute.

They say “God over everything” and it was proven with spiritual words and scriptures by the Youth Power Group (YPG) of universal church. One of the learners who was inspired, motivated and encouraged in every way was Ndilimeke ilifilwa she said that the YPG taught her that she must always value herself no matter what she goes through she also added that people’s words can never break her and most specially we must always put God first before anything else and without God we are nothing. “The reason why I organized this motivational week it’s because I felt like it was highly needed. The learners
needed to hear backgrounds of these motivational speakers because most of my learners are going through what this motivational speakers went through.

They needed to be inspired for them to know that their situations will change for the better but it will only happen if they study hard and behave as well.”
This were the principal’s exact words about what he thought of the motivational week and why he organized it.

He also added that after the motivational week he saw a big difference, there was change taking place and he’s hoping it continues that way with the help of teachers believing in their learners, pursuing them and guiding them in the right direction.

Therefore don’t say you don’t have enough time. You have exactly the same number of hours per day that was given to Sam Shivute, Mr. Matengu, Nelson
Mandela and Albert Einstein. Don’t under estimate your brain capacity you are not average, you are more than that.