Code Red puts customers first

More than three years after establishing Code Red Medical Services, Aubrey Oosthuizen shares that their dedication to customer service has made all the difference
Michelline Nawatises
Iréne-Mari van der Walt

PULL QUOTE: Aubrey Oosthuizen, Code Red Medical Services; “Your reputation is very important…”

Emergency rescue was never a part of Aubrey Oosthuizen’s life plans but a motor vehicle accident as a young man would ignite a passion that is yet to be stilled.

“We were close to an emergency rescue service but after 45 minutes they still had not shown up. That is where I decided I wanted to make a difference in this system,” says Oosthuizen.

After years of dedication to emergency rescue, Oosthuizen would go on to establish Code Red Medical Services alongside two partners.

Keeping reputation

In the past three years, Code Red Medical Services has gone on to build a name for itself as a trustworthy, reliable and professional medical service.

This, according to Oosthuizen, is a vital part of good business. “Your reputation is very important but it is also important to remember that Rome was not built in a day,” says Oosthuizen.

He notes that Code Red’s dedication to service eventually led to a very loyal client base that would not hesitate to recommend their service.

“The work you give clients and what clients tell their communities is the best advertisement you could get,” says Oosthuizen.

He says that his field of work is extremely rewarding, but warns it is not for the faint of heart.

“This is a tough job, but it is very rewarding. This is not something that is going to make you rich overnight, nor is it easy to start such a business. The start-up capital required is very high and few will finance such a business,” he says.

Despite the growth and success that Code Red has achieved, Oosthuizen shares that he still aspires to further development in future.

“If we had a bottomless pit of money, we could fulfil endless dreams like getting more ambulances, but that is not always reality,” he says.