Editor’s note / Art and Me

Vinoliah Mangaba
Every person has their little tad of creativity in many different forms. For me art is a part of me that is not always seen but it definitely has a great impact on the things I do and how I do them.
I do photography; graphic design; performance art; jewellery design; drawing and painting, and I write a little here and there, all are forms art. Although Academia does not offer any art programs due to budget it is filled with many creative minds, which is including me of course. Many are aspiring performers and designers in different fields.
I get my muse from a number of things; my family and my friends are a definite. I’ve being dealing with art since the time I was able to hold a pen and draw on the walls of my room and the fridge. I also want to help others that have not found their muses it’s my way of giving to receive.
Art enhances brain function and well being, it can change a person’s outlook when they look at things with a creative eye and the way they experience the world. Practically, education and engagement in the arts are an essential part of any school’s curriculum.

Art is also a key to succeeding in academics and as one is able to look at things in both a literal and figurative perspective. They will be able to come up with different study methods and study creatively as it enhances problem-solving skills. Art gives out-of-the-box thinking and it stimulates your brain to grow new neurons. I see a whole lot of people who are creative enough to be seated in high places and calling the shots. Just as well discipline is a part of the key, art can either take you to that high place or to that place you don’t want to be.
Art and your health are linked in a way as artists are healthier. Engagement with creative activities has the potential to contribute toward reducing stress levels and depression. It also eases the burden of chronic health conditions.
Always remember this inspiring quote by Albert Einstein ‘creativity is intelligence having fun’, it is also my favourite. It just goes to say that you are not dull to be an artist and everyone needs to have a little fun or a lot once in a while.