Fashion Forward SynEDGY

Simeone Johannes has been leaving Namibians in awe of his talent, hard work and dedication.
Rovaldo Kavanga
Jeanette Diergaardt

Born and raised in the capital city, Windhoek, Johannes has been making a lot of women feel empowered and beautiful in gorgeous designs and dresses. Surprisingly Johannes has only been a fashion designer for five years and in a short period he has been making waves in the Namibian fashion industry. Johannes is a public relations graduate from the University of Namibia (Unam).

Johannes collaborated with the beautiful Andeline Wieland for the Miss Namibia 2021 show. In an Instagram post by Wieland she gives thanks to Johannes that says, “35 000 crystals & 50+ hours & one amazing designer,” about the dress they both worked on. The sparkling and figure-hugging dress left a lot of people in awe of the beauty of the queen and the artistic and elegant hand of the designer, Johannes. Wieland has been in the pageantry world for 10 years.

Starting Out

Johannes has found what many is still looking for: passion and love for work. He started designing and creating in his last year of university and always thought he would become a public relations practitioner. But time proved him wrong as he took a leap into the deep end for what he loved. “I literally jumped into the deep, hoping everything would work out and to my surprise, it actually did,” says Johannes about taking a leap of faith for his passion for fashion.

According to the designer his parents has been nothing but supportive of his career although they were sceptical at first, they believed in him and have been supportive of his career ever since he started.

Johannes advises everyone wanting to take on a business venture by saying, “Competition should be the last thing on your mind. No one can take away your creativity and originality, don’t follow the masses, do what you love and trust me, people will buy into it.”


Johannes draws his inspiration from the human body and has a love to enhance the beauty of it. The designer has created active sportswear before and loves making “high-end ready-to-wear” fashion pieces. When asked what his favourite type of fashion is to create, Johannes said, “I love making a look that can be interpreted to fit the buyer’s fashion choices. Something high-fashion, layered, but still a statement piece.”

His sister, Ndapewa Johannes, has been beautifully representing her brother in his masterpieces. He mostly creates dresses for her when it is her birthday to look stunning and beautiful. Ndapewa says they did not expect him to do so well, especially because the Namibian fashion industry is not so forthcoming to designers and fashion. But they are really proud of what he has accomplished in his career so far.