Fun Bible dress-up day

Tapiwa Zhuga
On 9 June 2017, Amazing Kids students honoured the Bible characters from which we draw many of life’s lessons in our Christian lives. The extraordinary event took place at the school, where the learners were all dressed as Bible characters. The event began with the singing of the national anthem and the school anthem respectively. Then the drama club cheered up the crowd with a play, which was dedicated to the Crucifixion of Jesus. As the drama went on, the audience tried to keep the silence. As the drama club performed a fantastic act about the judgment day, the audience remained silent as they observed. After the performances, the audience applauded the drama club.
The pre-primary learners honoured the day in a different manner. They had an extraordinary day. They began with reciting Bible verses. Many of the parents and teachers were very impressed. After the presentation from the pre-primary learners, the grade 1’s presented a poem on how to live your life biblically. The program ended with a marvellous choir performance, with the other students also joining in.
The students at Amazing Kids live much of their school lives the biblical way. Every day, the students begin their day with Bible study. Thereafter, students teach and help each other on how to respect and follow God’s commandments. The students are taught to love and help others in times of pain and sorrow. They are required and encouraged to study their Bible daily, and not be content with just skimming through chapters merely to clear one’s conscience.
They are taught to hold the word of God in their hearts as it comforts, guides, corrects and encourages them. Prayer at Amazing Kids is known as the communication between the Lord and man. Learners are taught that a prayer of faith is answered. “Rely constantly on the Holy Spirit” is the second fundamental at the school as it is believed that the Holy Spirit corrects and inspires all to achieve excellence beyond measure; physically, socially and mentally. God comes first in everything as witnessed through prayer in everything done at the school. Obedience is a Christian value that Amazing Kids puts first in all choices made in life as learners aspire to be a community that abides in God’s precepts.