Fun in the Sun

Khetumwene Shikage
On 29 September 2017 the Grade 11 committee of the school had a Fun day in the Sun event which lasted for about four hours on the said day.
The event was planned to be a fun filled and successful. The Academia learners really showed up from all grades to have some fun in the water, and to enjoy the colourful colour festival. We had such a great time in the hot September sun. We were all excited and ready to spend a good time with all our friends and teachers at school. We bonded with one another and showcased the love and affection which makes our school very unique. We also took a loft of selifies!!
By the afternoon there was so much activities at the sports field. Many enjoyed the colourful display of colours on campus and had themselves powdered with some of the colour sold at school. The food was really delicious and sold out, I guess the learners could not resist the ice cold lollies. They were everyone’s favourite treat for the hot afternoon. The music was buzzing and everyone had visibly excited.
DJ Cleo was on standby at the DJ booth and made sure he played the popular medley of hit songs. The people were dancing and moving to the music, the DJ noticed and turned it up a notch! The most talented dancers at school formed a circle and hit the dance floor like never before.
The dancing proved to be very popular but the water slides took everyone’s attention. It was much more fun and it also cooled down everyone on the hot summer day. The jumping castles were also enjoyed by many who fancy them and I could tell that it was really refreshing for most learners who were at the castles.
As we all got closer to the end of the day, none of us really wanted to go home because we had so much fun. We definitely had a blast.