Making the years count

Timmy Kahiha
When they walked into the gates of the school nearly five years ago they had no idea what was to come. They made new friends who become their family. Friends whom today they are not close to anymore and they are part of the Academia family. They got used to the traditions and some wished they will still be a part of the school while others wished they were not accepted at shool.
Whatever they thought about the school previously, I know right now that their stay was very impactful at Academia. Those who wished they were not here anymore still want another year at school. Some still want to bond with one another and network but unfortunately time is up. Most are probably thinking about they could have done more while others are proud of what they have done throughout their high school academic life.
It is a lesson we must learn. We only have five years to make your mark! You can only embrace those five years and you have no room for regret. Slowly but surely the years become months, the months become weeks and the weeks days but you need to enjoy every moment. There are forty days! Forty days to mess up at school, forty days to fully embrace the green tie and blazer. Forty days to throwback with break time soccer like we used to five years back. We only have forty days left of all the five years we had here. They only have to focus on writing exams for the next forty days and then leave the school. While the departure is bittersweet, they will all remember the times they had on school.
There has been a great grey dullness and emptiness at school. The green skirts and blazers are no longer there. The colour briefcases are gone, and all we are left with is grey. Now there won’t be Toivo cracking silly jokes as he hands you your Topper cookies. There won’t be silly pranks from Tobias and Maria and Aminenke won’t be roaming the corridors in a hungry fit. We will no longer hear Parashi’s name through the intercome and Darryl won’t be guiding his crew during inspections anymore.
They’ve made their mark and led by example. They walked to their classes in a straight row; they were patriotic Academia students and always upheld the rules and regulations of the school.
Our matric learners are at the end of their school career and we can only wish them the best for their lives after school. They should all have plans in place to help them succeed in the future. They should make us proud and remember to always stay true to themselves. They should not forget what they were taught at Academia.