Mother Daughter Event

Reese Lubega
The Mother Daughter Event was held on the evening of the 16th of February at Amazing Kids Private School and Academy. The masters of ceremonies were Mr Mthabisi Mangena and Mrs Fortune Sitsha, who were both dressed to the nines. The event kicked off with a powerful prayer from the school’s chaplain, Mr Andrew Van Rooi, followed by the national anthems. Mr Van Rooi also graced the audience with symphonic songs and was accompanied by Mr Tato Mubita.
Once the singing came to a halt, a slide show was displayed showing a series of photos of the high school female students smartly dressed in their uniforms. The grade nine students followed with their recital of a French poem about the mothers. Then the honored guest, Mrs Witbooi, was asked to give a speech. She went on to talk about her childhood and the hardships she faced from a tender age. Her touching story brought tears to the audience.
Mrs Witbooi spoke about how she was able to overcome them and become the person she is today. She encouraged mothers to make time to talk to their daughters about potential issues that they might be experiencing, as they might be facing a problem and could be too shy or ashamed to ask for help. So they end up keeping the problem to themselves and by the time the parents find out, it is too late. She told the mothers to tell their daughters that they are beautiful and can come to them whenever they have a problem or need advice on a certain matter. She encouraged the daughters not to shy away from their mothers if they have any problems and need help.
After the wonderful and inspiring speech by Mrs Witbooi, the mothers and daughters were asked to exchange gifts which was very touching. The mothers were asked to tell their daughters how happy they were to have them in their lives. The masters of ceremonies requested all the guests to rise as a together and then said a prayer. After a few drinks and snacks were handed out, the event came to a close. It was truly a successful and prosperous evening.