Nanso launches Access to Basic Education Campaign

Excitement all around Havana Project School, as Nanso delivers
Brian Munango

The second of February 2022 now marks a special day for the Namibia National Students Organisation (Nanso) Khomas Regional Executive Committee (KREC) as they launched their Access to Basic Education Campaign at Havana Project School in Windhoek.

Nanso took the bull by the horns as they tackled one of Namibia’s biggest challenges, which is lack of assistance and stationery at schools. They started off by visiting Havana Project School where they engaged with teachers and learners about important issues they face every day.

The organisation donated writing books and did a detailed assessment of the school. The acting chairperson of the Khomas Regional Executive Committee, Lucia Ndishishi, highlighted the importance of access to basic education in ensuring that learners receive quality and accessible education.

Nanso first launched the access to education campaign three years ago. This campaign is a series of regional interventions in the Khomas Region that strives to address and eliminate obstacles that deny learners the access to basic education. Nanso at the moment does not have a specific number of schools it plans to cater for but they plan to cater for as many schools as possible in the weeks to come.

Bright start to the year as the acting secretary for gender, Saara Edwards, amplified the ministerial theme for 2022, which is education recovery with renewed enthusiasm and dedicated efforts.