Nust changes registration process

Nust now requires students to pay university registration upfront.
Medeline /Gases
Junior Kapofi

The Namibia University of Science and Technology (Nust) has changed its registration process.

Previously, existing Nust students (second year and above) were allowed to register without paying registration fees. This procedure was only applicable to students wanting to register for the second year onwards. They now have to pay upfront.

The change has resulted in students having to pay their fees per semester before registration. The change has caused financial strain for many students because they would usually register prior to paying their registration fees. Many students are funded by NSFAF or they have a bursary or scholarship, and these different entities now have to pay before students can register.

Furthermore, the university has extended the registration process to the end of February, allowing students to accumulate funds for the settling of debts, semester payments and registration fees.

Kate Bauleth, a second-year journalism and media technology student at Nust, said: “I do not like the new registration process because it causes quite a lot of anxiety and stress because not everyone has the funds to make the payment before registering.”

However, the university management considers requests through the SRC and may offer certain reprieves after taking into account the outstanding debt, and whether students have honoured previous arrangements.

“Discussions on this issue are still to take place,” added the Communications Department of the university.

Changing the registration process does benefit the institution, it said.

“The university relies on the collection of tuition, especially during the registration period, in order to remain operational,’’ explained Kaitira E Kandjii of the Communications Department.

So far, about 4 000 students have registered after settling their outstanding debt and paying the required deposit. The registration period continues until the end of February, so it is expected that most of the students will be registered by then.