Opening the door to the entertainment world

Delivering the best service to customers
Michelline Nawatises
Michelline Nawatises

Andrew Kastoor realises that talking about himself includes the influences people have had on his life from birth. He grew up in Rehoboth as a “church boy” and became part of the youth leadership team as well as the Senior Representative Council at Dr Lemmer High School to help others. “I kept myself busy with youth meetings, exercising and my studies at the University of Namibia, where I studied psychology,” he says.

Kastoor is a customer service representative at MultiChoice Namibia. “I am there to assist various customers with DStv and GOtv accounts as well as technical queries. It has become more than just assisting. I am opening the door to the entertainment world that we have to offer. My job mainly aims to help improve the customer’s knowledge of our products,” he says.

MultiChoice Namibia has had a big influence on how he has improved his customer service as well as social skills as he is now more aware of how to handle challenges and to reach the top through hard work and dedication.

One of the biggest challenges as a member of a team is being able to reach monthly and annual targets in spite of unforeseen circumstances. However, it becomes easier when the team pulls together as a group to reach above and beyond.

“Moreover, I have daily accomplishments with my team, from reaching targets to becoming one of the teams in the country that provides the best customer service,” Kastoor says.

His day starts with an insightful and motivational team meeting that prepares them for the challenges ahead. This motivation and a cup of hot chocolate get him ready for the first caller. He then answers each call as friendly as he can, making sure each customer can feel free to raise their complaints.

“I believe that being open and honest about each problem allows the customer to have a better understanding of how to handle and prevent certain problems from repeating. I love to resolve customer queries and giving feedback where needed,” he adds. After his shift, he reflects on his day and all the unresolved queries, already planning his daily follow-ups.

Apart from customer service, Kastoor loves taking photos and editing them. “Photography has become one of my hobbies that I escape to when I just need some me-time,” he adds.

Moments of laughter inspire him to seek more and better ways of putting people at ease and resolving some of their problems.

Kastoor would love to be part of the marketing success of MultiChoice. “I want to be within a team that allows us to advertise MultiChoice products as well as all the opportunities we offer to improve the lifestyle of our fellow Namibians,” he says.

The best phase of his life was his high school years, where he was part of the Senior Representative Council of the school and a youth leader. “I had the opportunity to influence others and help them become more active with their goals.”

If he had an opportunity to change anything in the world, Kastoor would aim to change how we approach business ideas. “A business idea should be something you love so much that giving up is not an option. It should become a love story between you and your customers,” he concludes.