Our new school Campus

Thapelo Mahalie
On the 6th of January 2017, Amazing Kids Private School and Academy opened a new school situated at the corner of Willan and Pasteur Street, Windhoek West. The campus consists of classes from 00 to Grade 1. Auntie Emma, the school Executive Director, realised that the main campus was growing in numbers. The decision of expansion was reached thus giving birth to the new campus.
This campus is a noticeable feature, easily accessible and convenient for parents/guardians who work and stay in the surrounding areas. The school is committed to the holistic development of learners by going the extra mile in ensuring that they are a cut above the rest.
The campus is very colourful and has a lot of creative painting which makes the school look splendid. The school is so vibrant that everybody passing by cannot withstand gazing at this site.
The head of department at this school is Mrs Lorraine Williams. She is a God-fearing lady, trustworthy, kind, hardworking, committed and loyal and above all loving. Mrs Williams and the team love children, take very good care of the learners, working diligently in achieving Christ-centred education paralleled by academic excellence.
The following subjects are offered to the grade 00 as well as the grade 1 learners: Art, Physical Education (swimming included), Reading and Music as well as Biblical Studies to produce a broadly-based curriculum in a Christian and family environment.
The school offers E-learning as it is the optimum learning environment since it fosters learners to be digitally apt. By this learners are already conversant of technology at a tender age which makes them stand out from other learners in other schools. Each learner has a personal, mobile learning device for internet access and digital educational resources. Enrolling a child at the new campus one is guaranteed a quality of education.