Performing artist bags gold

A local performing arts student made her mark once again at an international competition.
Leandrea Louw


Model, singer, dancer and actor Leanne Magson once again earned numerous medals and titles at the Talent Africa National competition.

This time around, she brought home 25 gold medals, one silver medal, a top 10 junior dancer placement, top 10 junior model placement, top 10 Eisteddfod placement, top five junior photographic model placement and best junior dance choreography placement.

In addition, she also earned a number of titles, which include International Face of Talent Africa, triple threat junior winner, Namibia Face of Talent Africa and Public Choice of International Talent Africa.

According to Magson’s modelling coach, Hayley Schafer, the competition was scheduled to take place in June 2020 in South Africa.

“She qualified and excelled at the Namibian Talent Africa regional competition, which took place in Windhoek in November 2019, which ensured her entry in the Talent Africa National competition. At the regional competition, she managed to pocket 19 gold and three silver medals.

“However, due to Covid-19, this competition was amended and all performances were entered as video submissions. This proved to be an extra challenge as coaching, practicing and making videos had to take place within the lockdown regulations,” she said.

15 videos

Magson took part in the acting, dancing and modelling categories.

“For her dancing, she took part in lyrical and hip-hop. For acting, she took part in commercial, dramatic, comedy and prepared reading. For modelling, she took part in casual, high fashion, sporty, formal and Avante Garde. In total, she had to submit 15 videos,” Schafer said.

The titles and medals she bagged ensured her qualification in the Talent America competition.

“Sadly, due to the Covid-19 pandemic, this competition will also be done on a video submission of performances. We are currently waiting for further information such as the dates for this. She has also qualified to take part in Talent America 2021 competition as well.”

More competitions

Additionally, Magson has two more competitions coming up.

“After some consideration and deliberation, we decided that it best for Leanne to give the International Fine Arts Association South Africa a skip this year. With all that has happened in Leanne’s personal life with the recent passing of her mother and returning to face-to-face schooling, this competition was a little too quick upon us. We have therefore rather decided to take part in Namibia Association of Talent, Modelling and Entertainment (NATME), who are hosting the Namibia Championships of Performing Arts.

“Leanne will again be taking part in acting, dancing and modelling in this competition. We are also proud to announce that we have Keira Schafer, Karli White and Jenica Joubert who are also taking part in NATME this year with Leanne.”

Pleasure and privilege

Schafer said she is privileged to have Leanne as her student.

“Leanne joined my modelling school, Keli Kids School of Modelling and Social Graces, in October 2018 when we started preparing for the World Championships of Performing Arts competition, which took place in Los Angeles in 2019. It has been such a pleasure and privilege to be her modelling coach. She has crept so deeply into my heart and I am so extremely proud of not only her phenomenal achievements, but also of how grounded and down to earth she has remained.

“It is wonderful to have been able to have met her as a girl and to be able to be part of her journey. I feel very proud to be able to have the opportunity to have watched her grow into the amazing young woman she is.”

Enjoying challenges

Magson said the reason she continues to develop and learn new skills is because she enjoys challenges.

“I enjoy working hard to achieve something I want, and in the end, getting to feel proud of what I’ve accomplished. I don’t see myself stopping any time soon, but rather to continue pushing myself forward and to motivate and encourage others to be the best of who they can be.”

She said she is both honoured and proud to carry the titles bestowed upon her.

“I encourage all my peers who are in the performing arts to participate in the Talent Africa Competition.”

In loving memory

Magson dedicated all her awards to her late mother, Ennie Magson.

“She was my number one supporter, and my number one inspiration. I could not have done anything without her.”

Magson is a proud student of The Dance Factory and Keli Kids School of Modelling and Social Graces – both based in Swakopmund.

She started performing when she was still in kindergarten and has not stopped since.

“At the age of three, I started dancing and singing and was later introduced to modelling at age six. Soon after, I began competing in both national and international competitions that have taken me all around the world”.

Her first time competing overseas was at the 2016 IFFA competition in Barcelona, Spain, and she also competed in the World Championships of Performing Arts in Los Angeles in July 2019.

She only recently started acting (as of early 2019) after her mother’s encouragement to try it, and so far, she has proven she is talented in that field too.

TRIPLE THREAT: Leanne Magson with all the medals she has won. Photos: Contributed