Scare yourself for success

Wetumwene Shikage
Brandt Von West

Generally speaking, we have two options available to us when it comes to self-motivation. We can go positive or negative in our self-motivation. Positive motivation is simple; most of us do it or have done it. It takes the form of a dream-board where you have pictures of you as the top dog, the published author, the CEO, or it can take the form of affirmations stuck to the wall. The fact is that long-term goals take time to realise. True success doesn’t happen by rubbing a magic lamp. Because they take time it can become extremely easy to lose hope. We end up self-sabotaging our dreams by talking ourselves out of it, by filling our heads with self-doubt and listing the reasons why we won’t make it or we simply get too tired to chase the dream.

Because positive motivation only last so long, we’re going to flip the script and do a deep dive into the negative realm of motivation that will boost your efforts.

Using your imagination, I want you to picture that shining goal that you’re working towards and compare them to these three thoughts.

One: Are you working yourself away from something in your past and could you bear to go back to it? Was there a moment, a place, a career, a feeling in the past that repulses you enough that the thought of ending up back there is sufficient motivation to drive you forward?

Two: If you quit now, could you bear to tell your story to someone else without including your dream goal? Could you bear the thought of telling the next generation that the reason you didn’t succeed was simply because you didn’t try hard enough?

Three: Everyone had that one person in the past who didn’t believe in your goals. Ask yourself; were they right? Is the thought of them being right about your life so disgusting that you’ll do anything to prove them wrong?

If you found that you've been giving up motivation, you've been self-sabotaging.

Try your goal out in relation to those three thoughts. If it hurts enough, perhaps it'll get you going again, use those negatives to light that fire in you. And in the story of your life. They may ultimately prove to be invaluable.