Scripture Union: a lamp unto your feet in the dark

Kim Muyoba
Science says humankind came from monkeys, but that is not true. There is a God, he is the creator of the Heaven and the Earth for the Bible says so in
(Genesis 1:27). Augustineum Secondary School has a Scripture Union club for many years now. Scripture Union club is an organization
that is in many schools.

This is an organization that is kingdom minded not church minded, it doesn’t matter which church, tribe or race
you are from. It is a medium used to reach out the word of God to teenagers in school. The club members often go camping, play games and talk about teenage situations that we teens go through. Everyone in life needs God and for you to prosper you will need Gods intervention in your life. Reading the
Bible will help you know more about the God that created you. It will also help you to get an idea of where you come from, not as scientists say about
coming from monkeys.

The Bible is a book that helps you gain wisdom and knowledge when you read it and it guides you on your way to success as the book of Joshua
(1:8) says “this book of the law shall not depart out of thy mouth, but then shall not meditate there in day and night”. Scripture Union is also there to help
us to stop debating in an ugly way about the Word of God. All the learners interested in knowing or sharing their knowledge come together then everyone shares their opinion on the specific topic, then we all agree to one point. The truth is that it doesn’t matter who you are or what you have done. Jesus
understands all your pain, all your hurt, your loss and as well as your temptations.

No one is perfect, and we all understand that, but when we decide to make that lifelong commitment, we need to weigh the cost and know God is holding us accountable for the commitments we make.

If you don’t want to study the Bible it’s your choice, if your friends or maybe parents are forcing you to maybe attend a specific church, tell or give them your opinion on what they are saying. Scripture Union is not a Church but simply a group, the scripture union at our school has lost commitment maybe because of peers but its better making the decision for yourself.

Maybe when it will be introduced to all schools learners will stop arguing or debating about the word of God, especially learners. Some of us only behave the way we do because we lack the Word of God and don’t want to find out more about the word of God. Some of us don t go to church because we think the pastors or man of God aren’t telling the truth , so instead we read the Bible on our own, yet some of us still don’t bother reading and studying the Bible because we say we don’t know who came up with the Bible.