The amazing era of youth and culture

Zenzo Moyo
The youth has been recognised as the most important and are most proud of their freedom because of the way they have changed the world.
The day of the African Child has been celebrated in style at Amazing Kids because it is considered a special price and tribute to the important youths and world leaders who died for the freedom that is being enjoyed by every youth in the world.
The day kicked off at Amazing Kids Private School and Academy with everyone wearing African cultural attires. Everyone was proud of their different outfits worn on the day. A moment of silence was observed followed by the national, African and school anthems respectively.
Everyone stayed glued to the gumboot dancers who slapped the rubber away in tribute to the South African gumboot dancers who died during the Soweto up rise in 1976 and the mine workers experience. Freedom and culture were expressed as the most expensive and a respected aspect in the world, and this was said by our very own poet, Grace Nyande.
A melodically performance by our Amazing Choir cheered up the audience after an emotional presentation of our world’s giants Nelson Mandela and Toivo ya Toivo were played.
The event continued to be exuberant and fantastic with a modern twist of house dance that got people up on their feet. Each saw staff members was tapping to the beat.
We commemorate and respect our freedom, culture and heritage daily. Cultural values matter most to Amazing Kids learners. The event was celebrated in a different manner by the upper primary and junior primary.
What is culture at Amazing Kids?
The upper course and the central processing unit of our daily norm are described as culture at Amazing Kids. It is respected and practiced academically, socially, spiritually and even mentally.
The youths of the universe follow-up on these aspects since they are the most powerful agents of social transformation, positive change and essential to take forward the 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development.
The culture of Amazing Kids lays on optimism and confidence which means the challenges ahead are minimised. The event was crowned by our very own junior councillor John Shoopala, ultimately made possible by the Almighty God!