The benefits of going to a Christian school

Pamela Mazila
Attending a Christian school is the most astounding experience that one can ever gain,in that it changes the mindset to being Christ-centered, hence growth physically, mentally and spiritually is achieved. Christian schools introduce God and Christianity to learners. It teaches us how to make right decisions in tough situations, right choices in life and making sacrifices. It teaches us more about God and his miracles, strengthening our connection with God.
The ultimate sacrifice made by Jesus is an anchor to Christian belief. This education helps differentiate between good and evil, more so teaching us what to do when faced with such challenges. It helps pave the way to a concrete future and sound relationship with Christ. Most students perish in their youth stage due to the lack of Christian education. These benefits are respected and well observed at Amazing Kids Private School and Academy.
Why is Christian education is important at Amazing Kids Private School and Academy?
Christian education is paramount as it shapes and directs morals of learners. Christian education is important for teaching academic material through the lens of a Christian worldview. For example, in a public school setting, health education is taught with the preconceived notion that all teens indulge in sexual activities and instructs the children on how to do so safely and cautions them of the dangers associated with such practices and how to avoid them. Unlike that the Amazing Kids students are taught how to keep our bodies holy as they are a temple of the Holy Spirit. This teaching is in line with the truth, therefore taught at every school.
Many other untruths are propagated throughout public school education, such as the purposeful omission of the religious reasons the Pilgrims immigrated to America, that the earth was created billions of years ago, that humans were not created but spontaneously and randomly evolved from primordial plasma, that our genders are whatever we choose to identify. They teach that there are no absolute truths at all. Jesus said, in John 14:6 “I am the way, the truth”. There is truth, and truth is found in God.
So if we are Christians, we are called not to follow the Father of Lies, but the truth, which is only found in the Lord our God. For that reason, Christian education is the logical choice. Education should not just be a mere discussion of know-ledge and facts rather it has to imbue moral values that shape society positively. It should involve the development of the entire human faculty covering spirituality, physical, emotional, intellectual and mental. Amazing Kids Private School and Academy honor and respect the biblical way of living the student life. As enshrined in our core values that students must achieve academic excellence while learning in harmony with God’s word as written in Proverbs 3:5-6 and Luke 2:52.