The 'Royal Hustlers' on 99FM inspire careers through storytelling

Tunohole Mungoba
Every Tuesday and Thursday morning on its ‘Royal Hustlers’ segment, 99FM features Namibian industry leaders who are redefining how business can be done.

A storytelling brand that inspires Namibians, 99FM honours this mantra by sharing the stories of those who show up every day and do the work. From influential politicians to business leaders and even the entrepreneurs building empires from scratch, ‘Royal Hustlers’ shares their stories with audiences in the hopes to inspire them to do what is needed to build formidable careers for themselves as well.

Presenter Ché Ulenga says: “Royal Hustlers gives Namibians who have really thrived in the spaces they’re in an opportunity to share their stories with other Namibians and inspire others to follow in their footsteps. Guests share stories of growing up, of their successes, the challenges they faced, their hopes and excitement about Namibia.”

Ulenga adds that the interviews are packed with helpful advice. “These Royal Hustlers tell us how they have overcome obstacles. They share their tips on dealing with issues that many face in their career paths and when you listen, you can take from those tips what is necessary to your situation and master your own destiny.”

So far, the show has featured interviews with the likes of Windhoek mayor Job Amupanda, First Lady Monica Geingos, multidisciplinary artist Martin Amushendje and Lokasiekeps founder Delano Hansen. The show has grown in popularity since it first went on air in 2019 and has become undoubtedly the most recognized segment on 99FM.

Looking at starting off the year on a high note? Want do more to make 2021 your most successful year to date? Take inspiration from some of our favourite inspiring quotes from previous ‘Royal Hustlers’ guests below:

"You have to start somewhere." - Dr Helena Ndume, renowned ophthalmologist and humanitarian.

"For me, leadership is more the willingness to serve, more than the willingness, or desire, to lead and to have power." - James Mnyupe, Allan Gray Namibia MD.

"I have learned early on that if you want to create wealth, you can't only depend on a salary." - Marthinuz Fabianus, Retirement Fund Solutions MD.

"As I got older, I realised that success is everything that has to do with the relationships you manage and cherish, especially with your family." - Christine Hugo, storyteller, brand builder and founder of Once Upon A Mind.

‘Royal Hustlers’ airs every weekday from 07:30 and features interviews with Namibian Royals Hustlers every Tuesday and Thursday on 99FM. The show is sponsored by Namdeb and videos of the interviews are available on the 99FM website ( and on the 99FM Youtube channel. The interviews are also featured every month in the FlyWestair magazine.