Unam student en route to 2022 Miss Earth beauty pageant

Mariselle Stofberg
Michelle Mukuve

I am a 22-year-old student at the University of Namibia. I am studying entrepreneurship.

Born in the Kavango Region which is known for its cultural African drums, huge forest trees, abundant rainfall and ever-flowing Kavango River, I have always had a passion for beauty contests.

I started modelling at school. I won my first crown in a modelling competition in 2016, as Miss Noordgrens. I'd say it was never really my thing but there were people who motivated me to keep modelling until I got to the point where I am now.

Most of the challenges in this industry are caused by people who have a tendency of mocking and discouraging others. I was made fun of; I was called all sorts of ugly words but none of those really got to me because I knew that people's comments don’t matter as long as I have people who love and support me, such as my mother.

I've been through the hardest, broke down here and there I still kept pushing because I know I was meant for the greatest and I’m still yet to achieve greatness. I want to be able to leave a mark even when I’m done with modelling. I want to give back to the communities. make my own academy and share all my knowledge and skills I have with other young girls that look up to me.